Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 8: He Wants Us

God Moment: Tonight as the girls and I drove home from the church to our host home we were admiring the sky. At this time of the year in Alaska it never gets dark, but the sun changes in so many way. The almost-midnight-sun was beautiful. One of the girls took on a face of awe and said, "God made that, yet He chooses us to be His bride." STOP, and think about that. Does that not move you? Think about the last time you were in nature and saw a picture perfect sky, lake, or mountain range. He made that for us so we could catch just a glimpse of His beauty, but he still chose us. Wow.

Yesterday about this time I was talking all about my ladies on the team, but tonight is devoted to my new brothers in Christ. I can not explain enough how nice it is to have a brother in Christ who acts in God's love towards you. By their actions they protect us, lift us up, and make us laugh harder than ever. So without any further ado, allow me to introduce some of the main men in my life these days.

Rusty (Pepper Jack): Rusty is one of a kind. He has a gentle spirit in a "give me an ax" body. Haha! He's attends Union University and is good friends with the guy that brought NAMB to my attention. Like a teddy bear helps a little kid feel safe at night, Rusty does that for us girls. His testimony spoke volumes to me, and he has such a thirst and hunger for the Word of God. He will go far in His life.

Joshua (Motz): He was the first of the guys that I met and is the only reason I ended up finally in Alaska. I know I don't tell him enough, but I so much respect his love for Christ and his devotion to Him. When our group may be just worshiping as we work on devotionals, I like to observe. I always see Josh in a "zone" with God. In deep thought, conversation, and song with Him. His every notion is to bring glory to our great Father.

Garrett (Swiss): He is my fellow Alabamian up here with me. Our walks are a lot like. He's funny in a different way than the other guys. When he grows up he will be "super dad", let's just leave it at that. Growing up with a military father like myself, we enjoy being organized. Ha ha! One of his goals here is to teach the young campers how to treat girls/women with the up most respect and honor. He has a love for the people around him, and we can feel it.

Taylor James (Velveeta): WOW! He is a ball of energy and fun games that involve you chugging your drink. He's basically my neighbor being from Atlanta, GA. He's done summer missions in San Diego for 2 summers but took last summer off. Now, he's here in Alaska seeking a deeper more tangible walk with our Father. He is open about his willingness to learn, which I love. He enjoys making us all laugh and he's really good at it. He has brought many memorable games to our minds that will never leave. I can't wait to see where God will be taking him this summer. Hold on brother!

These young men hold a true place in my heart and have added to list of traits that my husband will hold. Thanks ahead of time for being you, and not being afraid to live out your life for Christ. #iloveus

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  1. This a cool post! Thanks sis. Preciate you showing me at my best.