Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 7: I Am Yours.

What a wonderful God we praise. We have the privilege to call Him, Father, Master, and Creator. This time last week I had no clue what to expect, and now as I sit in the den of a log cabin in Alaska, surrounded by my 3 beautiful team ladies, as we worship our God through quiet time, I am so glad I just gave it to God. he could not have planned out anything better. Now, taking God out of the equation, don't we as humans always do this? Worry, worry, worry, worry ourselves sick about our future, about tomorrow. What would happen if we all just gave it to God and lived in every way to honor Him? What kind of world would we live in?

My team is absolutely the craziest, most fun, and willing hearted people I've ever met. So for your delight here's a little outline of the ladies, and you'll meet the boys later.

Rachel (Bleu): She is from South Carolina. She's 22 planning on going to SCAD in January. The work I've seen through pictures is stunning, so no wonder she got in. She has dark hair, dark eyes, freckles, and a huge voice! She sings everything she hears and helps in anyway needed.

Heather (Feta): Even at 21 she's a mini me due to her height. Ha ha! She was raised on a farm and has a huge personality. She's a die hard University of Arkansas and Cardinals fan, and she makes sure you know. We relate so well because she makes friends within 5 minutes of meeting them. As we all get injuries she has begun to take care of us.

Abby (Gouda): Oh sweet Abby. She makes us laugh the most. All of us. She shows you her "see-food" and under that funniness, I'm learning so much from her. Through all of these girls I am, but when you share a bed with someone, you become closer with them. She is such a deep person. We connect on a level that comforts me. She's beautiful, caring, a jokester, and a lover of God and people.

LORD, I thank You for this place you have sent me. Who knew Alaska held such beautiful people? Allow me to trust in You more and more everyday and learn about You unconditional love through this summer. I want to take all my treasures back to Alabama. Help my soul to be still, rest, and give itself to You. Father, I am Yours, I am the clay. Amen

You ladies will forever hold a place in my heart.

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