Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 1: My Heart Beats To Praise You.

After a long day of traveling, delays, and lost and finally found luggage I was safe in Salcha First Baptist with Rachel and Heather. I was groggy and sad. I started to miss my family. WHAT? I'm never like this. I was in awe of this "new Lindsey" that was already homesick. I called home and cried on the phone with my mom at 3:14am Alaska time, and 6:14am in Alabama. The thought of me being here for 2 long months scared me from the inside, out. I was terrified. It's amazing how your mom or dad can always say something and make you feel better. She comforted me and said, "You know that you've been obedient to God and His Will and He has you in Alaska for a reason. You are going to be fine and just need a good night sleep." Hanging up the phone after "I love yous", I still had a feeling in my stomach. So I ran got my bible, opened it up, and broke down. I cried out to my Father and thanked Him for bringing me to such a humble place already in my journey. I asked Him for comfort and rested in his arms. I slept great and woke up refreshed. After meeting Pastor Mark this morning, I could feel the rest of my nerves being calmed. Even now, after one day, I can tell you he is one of the strongest men of God I've ever met. I got to meet the other 3 of our crew today too. Our team consist of 8 college students from around the South. Heather (Feta), Rachel (Bleu), Abby (Gouda), Me (Babybel), Taylor (Pimento), Rusty (Pepper Jack), Joshua (Mozzarella), and Garrett (Swiss). Now you have had to have noticed the cheese names. Well for a fun game for the campers that we'll be meeting in 2 1/2 weeks, Pastor Mark always makes the staff have nicknames with a theme. We decided on Babybel for me because I'm the youngest. Everyone is 21 and 22 while I'm the "Baby" at 19. YAY! ha ha. We had great adventures today in the land around the church, threw a birthday party for Rachel (Bleu), and have laughed so hard our abs hurt. Us girls are living here in the church till tomorrow then going to host homes. I will end on this. Pastor Mark said something that touched my heart tonight in out team meeting. He said, "Christ is going to do more within you than through you this summer. So just be prepared." I've never felt so at home 3,373 miles away from Alabama. Hello, Alaska.

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