Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Are Free! So Do It!

I'm getting closer and closer to my understanding of another glimpse of God's Will for my life. REWIND-- On January 18th, the Tuesday I was in Honduras, I received my acceptance letter from North American Missions Board informing me that I would be serving as a summer missionary in Fairbanks, Alaska. I can barely control my excitement. But under that excitement is a little fear. Being raised in a church like mine, and adding in my very open and fun personality, leads to lots of friendships and leadership rolls in a church. For 18 years I've been a leader on most every middle school and high school trip available at Dawson (my church). My summers are always packed with day camps, VBS's, sports camps, and more. Leaving this behind in search of a greater understanding of my Creator is awesome, but also scary. I pray that Christ would fill me with a strength that only He can grant. Also courage to lean only on Him. Not my church, my family or friends, but strictly on Him. My soul feels at peace when I think about what God has in store for me, but my mind runs wild. In the beginning of my post, I wrote what I have been feeling lately.

Now with all of that behind me, I'm making a statement. Jesus has great things for me! Christ is going to change me this summer in ways I'm SO unaware of. Jesus! My mouth will only sing of Your praises! The riches of Your love are so vast and will keep me strong and in step with Your Will.

What are you scared of? For me it WAS leaving my home, my safe place, friends, family, comfortable life. Now I'm free! I'm running to His arms with everything and letting Him do with me what He pleases. I am offering myself as an instrument to Him. Now Lord, direct my steps and I WILL follow. I will not be afraid. So drop the fear and chase after Christ. If you're looking for an adventure, do it!

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