Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today Was A Good Day

Every feel so joyful that you want to jump up and down? My exact feelings were as such all day. Why can't we as human slow down! and see the Lord working in all ways around us? It amazes me. Even myself. We all do it. This morning, I had the privilege of speak to about 30 4th grade girls about a recent mission trip of mine to Honduras. I was SO nervous preparing. If you don't know me then I don't really know how to put it other than the fact that I never meet a stranger, I LOVE people, and desire deep relationships. So the fact that I was nervous was odd. I always seem to get this way. Well the moment I started talking, I felt my Fathers presence patting me on the back telling me, "Good job!" "Keep up the good work" "Remember I honor that you are honoring Me." He was there. Yes, He is everywhere, but He was THERE! Day after day our God is faithful to us. I feel like He just wants to stop and focus on what we are living for. Something that we've grown up hearing, "Live for GOD!" Well guess what? It's NOT a joke! We only have a little speck of time that is called our life. This "line"-------------------------- is eternity. So what's it going to be? Are we going to worry about appearance, our big cars, bigger houses, making sure our income is the highest but not tithing. What's up with us? We all need some reflection time. Lord, I love You so much. I love that I love honoring You. Thank you for putting that desire in my heart. Thank you for the passion I have for this broken world. Jesus, coat me in Your mercy and grace and save this human race from our selfishness. Help us to reflect and send more time focusing on You daily Father. In His Holy Name, AMEN.

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