Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flee From Me

I have 7 days to get everything finished before my 11:10am flight takes off for the great state of Alaska. There my summer will begin to unwrap itself. I am so ready to be placed outside of this comfortable life of mine. I'm ready to be shaken to tears because I'm dealing with a situation that would "never" go on in my very well off side of Alabama. I ready to experience my Father's love in ways I've never felt it. And in the midst of all of this excitement, Satan, who really shouldn't even have his name capitalized, comes into play. He has started filling me with lies. [You're not good enough to do anything worthy, let alone for the "kingdom". You should question everything you were ever taught. You'll never be prepared for this trip. You're going to slip up and fall. All of your friends are going to forget. All the things you think are good that will becoming from this will turn on you.] SHUT UP! SHUT UP! I'm sick of your little voice in my head. I am clothed in Christ blood. You have no part of me in your hands. I am loved, cherished, and have the King of Kings as my Father. He loves me and all I desire is to serve Him with my life. AMEN. I'm done with you satan. Flee from me!

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