Friday, February 11, 2011

A Babysitting Revelation

Tonight, I was babysitting my sweet niece and adorable nephew while my brother and his wife went out to dinner. During the first 2 hours, Zach and Molly played and no fuss was to be heard. Around 7:20 I decided I should start giving Zach his bedtime snack and getting him settled down. Here came the fuss. He would have no part of the banana and strawberry yogurt that I was trying to feed him. As a 11 month old, communicating is a little challenging. So I let him know that I wasn't going anywhere, and no matter how much he fussed, I knew this was what he needed or he'd wake up in the middle of the night hungry. Hopeless, I turned to my computer and chose a Hillsong album (my recent obsession) and hit play. Drumming started and he noticed it. He started calming down. But then they started singing and he began to sway. I am taking it that Hillsong has awesome babysitting skills. I relaxed, finished feeding sweet little Zach, and called my night successful.

Now if you know me, I babysit a ton. But in the past year, through babysitting Christ has shown Himself to me in so many ways. I've discussed them at church and even on Facebook. But it's hard to convey the feeling I have when God comes over me, and speaks softly through a child that has no clue why I'm looking at them in awe. Usually I get the, "Miss Lindsey, are you okay?" or "Haha, you look funny" gestures. With Zach being 11 months, he couldn't say anything--which was a nice change.

My whole point tonight is that we get so caught up in this life and pitch a fit when God does something that we're the littlest bit unhappy with. I mean He knows whats best for us, so why can't we take our finger off the control button? What if when something came our way out of nowhere, we could just listen, except it, and do it!? I mean right now for me I feel like God is talking to my in Target for goodness sake. Lately, I've realized that I lived 16 years of life in a pit that was growing deeper and deeper. Believing the lies that this world throws at us, and failing to be sincere in a lot of my public worship. Growing up in a typical Southern Baptist church was a blessing no doubt, but I lacked true emotion for my Father at a young age. But, the past 2 years of my life have been altering, emptied, and broken but reshaped. I've gained a true LOVE for my Father that brings me to tears when I think about it. I desire deep worship to honor Jesus and who He was, is, and is to come. Soon and very soon, we will leave this place and rest in the place he has prepared for us.

So this is my dare for myself and others reading this. I dare US as a generation to rise up. Be yourself and be the person God created you to be. Seek Him out with all passion and faith, because He is worthy of ALL praise. let's listen to what He wants us to do and be obedient.

Abba Father, I love you so much and desire to reconnect everyday with you. Mold me into the woman You want me to be. Take my spirit and make it clean. May I walk in Your will for the rest of my life. I am Yours, do with me what You please. I have nothing to offer you, but use me for Your glory. AMEN

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