Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perfection= Embracing Our Imperfections

I'm back. Today was a good day. A happy day. Not like I had been having sad days, but it was almost like today, with no makeup, hair up, and nike shorts on, I felt good, in my own skin. It's not by me working out a lot, or eating right (hello, the holidays!), but by my Heavenly Father. My prayer lately to Him has been asking to help me to find peace with who He created me to be. He blows me away. It is so important for us woman of all ages come to that time in our lives when we feel "sexy". Not in a sexual aspect, but we feel worthy of embracing the beauty that Christ has laid upon us. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! That isn't just some saying that is just thrown around to make others feel better. It's true. God tells us that we are made in His image. What is more beautiful than the beauty of our Maker? NONE! Oh Lord, for You have wrapped me in your arms and captured me in Your love. The love that is so tangable in my heart, that it makes my eyes fill with tears of joy. YOU have brought joy back into my life. And yes, I'm sharing it with the blogger nation. But shouldn't we? Shouldn't we share our hurts, pains, fears, and questions with one another instead of hiding behind the shame? If someone asks you, "How are you doing?" and you're not doing well, then say IT! Don't hide behind the "happy go lucky" mask that everyone seems to put up these days. If the church wants to know what the problem is I'll tell them. We need to start breaking down the walls within our hearts and begin to be honest with each other about our lives. We are all traveling down this crazy road called life at 90 mph and we ALL need gudience. We all need to bind up together as one, and fight the things that are happening in this world. Teen suicide, abuse, depression, I could go on for hours and so could you. We need to realize that in order in except ourselves we have to understand that we are never going to be perfect. We're not supposed to be. But to embrace our imperfections and work through them while leaning on others so that we can finally change this world and share Christ love with the people who have been most hurt by the church. LOVE YOURSELF!

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