Friday, November 26, 2010

A Wonderful Thanksgiving In My Household

Being in a family with 5 children, chaos is a natural occurrence in my household; actually a way of life. Me, I do great surrounded by it. But compared to Mom, I'm a wimp. She is pretty much a pro. Between the changes in tradition this year and the different dishes, to the new people being welcomed into our house, I felt like we were all a little flustered. This was not like her. Having mitral valve prolapse doesn't help much either. She, Cynthia Tillman, is an amazing entertainer. She was born to do it, so why so stressed out now? Every detail was important. So as usual, Jen (my sister) and my Mom are in charge of the food, table settings, Dad and I do the cleaning and the meat, and Bryant (my brother) does the yard work. Morning time came and it was time for finishing touches and to get ready before the guest would arrive at 1. Dreading it as I walked down stairs. Knowing a fight was just around the corner due to the high stress and sick bodies that had been existent in the household. To my surprise, it was the most pleasant, enjoyable, relaxing Thanksgiving I can remember. The house was lovely and the food was amazing. (My sister and Mom are secret chefs; they just aren't aware of it). True southern hospitality was on the table along with the great squash casserole.

WE have so much to be thankful for. It was almost like God was laughing at me. Saying, "My child, why do you worry about things you do not know of? Ask ME for guidance and comfort and I will grant these to you. Just trust and do not worry about the things to come, but learn to laugh at the days to come, like a true woman of God." Shouldn't we all just put it in to his hands? Even the silliest things that we think are not relevant. So the question is, what are you thankful for? What are some things in your life that would have gone totally up in smoke if Christ wasn't in control? I'm thankful that Christianity is about stepping aside and letting our Creator take the steering wheel. I am thankful for that. I praise You, and You alone, my God, my Creator.

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