Saturday, November 13, 2010

First and Foremost..

Change is not my thing. I am in a stage of life where everything around me is doing just that, changing. I'm slowing learning a lot. But I thought I'd let you in on my story.

I was raised in sheltered, loving, hopeful family. The youngest of five, and I loved it. When I look back, I miss it. The random fights over who get the "switcher", really the remote control; but that's what we call it. Who got shot gun, or who might have to stay home on a Friday night. Church was a big deal in our family. I thank my parents everyday of my life for getting me involved because when I remember all of the hardships our family went through, I don't know what else I would of leaned on. Dawson Memorial Baptist Church was and will always be there for me. The people have given me hope in situations that seem hopeless. They have all inspired me to be a better person. When high school came around I was set back. Dating a boy at the time that "truely loved my company", but when school started I was erased from his agenda. Being buried in that hurt was hard. I didn't turn away from God, but just quit learning about him. Multiple deaths happened my sophmore year of high school and I didn't see the point of my life at the point. I thought that it would be cool to start dipping into the wrong crowd. It was hard, and I was ashamed of being known as the "goody goody trying to go bad". After a short five months, my best friend and I vowed to keep each other accountable.

When you are raised right and you turn away, it's not very long until you return to what you once knew. I covered up my rebelious self very well at church. But I felt my heavenly Father guiding me back home.

Now, I have been having to face all this recent change in my life. College. A year ago I had my dreams set on the college where my family's legacy lives; Auburn University. I started visiting more and more and had a sick to stomach filling about going there. It was odd because I've always dreamed of going there. So, I opened other options. University of Alabama, Jacksonville State, Berry College, Troy, UAB, Montevallo, and West Alabama. It was after visiting all of these colleges that this same feeling lingered in my heart. What was wrong with ME? It was then that my Dad asked me if I had ever considered going to Jeff State a local community college. I laughed and went on with my stress.

Isn't it funny when you brush off your parents advice and they end up being right. Well, that's my story. Home is exactly where God has wanted me to be all along. I was just too focused on my plans that I wouldn't open my eyes to anyone elses. Even my Creator's. Sad huh? But we all go through these times. God is good and life is better with Him. He has forgiven me for all my dumb mistakes and the thousands I have yet to make. I love you Lord. Thank you for my story.

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